My Journey so far

March 25, 2017

We can have a mixture of feelings when we finally kick ourselves to do something about our weight & health. Scared, nervous and embarrassed but also feeling good that you took that first step to finally do something for yourself. Walking into "Lestudio" I felt that anxious lump in my stomach and the palm of my hands were sweaty, the one thing I hated showing people was what weight I was but thats what was in store today. As I entered a friendly "hello" came from the back room and Amy came out with a big smile on her face as she welcomed me in. She closed the door behind me and we were in a small private room together. We started to chat & I have never felt so comfortable getting my weight & measurements taken! She was so kind, full of knowledge and very enthusiastic about what she was doing. I left feeling happier already and took some very useful knowledge with me. The following week it was my first personal training session. Now I was scared! What will he get me to do, will I be able to do it, I hope he is nice, oh Jesus am I going to die?! The nerves were back but I also felt motivated from taking with Amy a few days ago. Right, lets do this! In I walked with my bottle of water & towel and I got an even bigger hello from this guy. I remember leaving this session thinking I was going to vomit and wondering how am I going to get into the car and drive home. I'd say Declan thought I was actually going to die! The next few days were even worse, trying to sit down was hard but putting on and taking off my bra was a struggle. Yes my body was sore but WOW that feeling I had was the best feeling ever, happy, proud & motivated. I hadn't felt like that in along time. The workouts were hard, changing my nutrition was difficult but each week when I weighed myself with Declan, those numbers kept coming down. People started to notice, my confidence started to go up and I had a big smile on my face. Before I new it the 6 weeks were up and I was in with Amy to get my final weigh in & measurements taken to see how I got on. I knew my weight was down but I had butterflies in my stomach. If someone took a picture of me when Amy told me my final results, my picture would be found beside the word "shocked" in the dictionary. An amazing 14 1/2 lbs weight loss and wait for it......... 25inches!!!! Yes I had losses but I had gained even more. I gained happiness, confidence, energy, strength.. the list goes on. I've continued to work with Amy & Declan. I love going in for my personal training sessions. Declan constantly pushes me, motivates me and of course it's time away from the busy world we live in. When I can catch my breath we have a chat, some laughs ( he is practically my therapist at this point) and of the course the music is bopping in the background, oldies to newbies. I would often bump into Amy too, who I would stay talking to for the night only for Declan cracks the whip & makes me run! Amy is always there to help me with nutrition. I just have to send a message to her and I have advice within a few minutes. What an amazing pair!!

Christmas, many birthday and wedding celebrations, a skiing holiday & a holiday with friends to Amsterdam have all been thrown into the mix. Yes I have put on a few pounds now and then throughout these fun amazing times with family & friends, but I have kept my training up and feel happy, healthy & fitter. I don't get myself down after a meal or a night out anymore, I don't feel disappointed in myself or have regrets, I enjoy every minute of it because I know I will be putting the effort in to continue my journey. It has been a lifestyle change and it's been the best thing I've ever done. To date I have lost 21lbs & 33inches and I look forward to continuing with Amy & Declan. I am so happy I walked through those doors!! 


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