• Ciara O'Rourke

Stepping into Summer....

Hey all,

Ciara here, the new intern at LeStudio. Today's blog is all about putting a spring in your step to help you achieve that Summer bod without being a slave to a workout regime.

1. Walk to work: Instead of driving to walk, pop in your head phones listen to a podcast. Get the steps in & save petrol for the longer journey.

2. Use the stairs instead of elevator - Not only are stairs great to tone the legs and booty, you can’t see anything in the lift anyways so why not increase your step count while using the stairs. You never know, you could meet Mr.Right!

3. Leave lunch in the car so you’ve to walk to get it - having your lunch beside you could be danger, it might not even last until lunch time. Leaving it in the car will increase your step count but also help you get fresh air.

4.I f your job is sedentary, set an alarm every so often to walk around so muscle don’t ache - nothing worse than pains in your legs from sitting too long. Better still, use the loo that's furthest away! Most activity trackers/watches allow you to set a minimum steps per hour mark and buzz to remind you to get moving! 250 steps per hour is a good starting point!

5. Go window shopping on your lunch break - buying that black leather jacket does have its brownie points, not only to look good.

6. Cut the lawn - depending on how long the grass is, this can really help work up a sweat and your garden will be fab for when you're dining al fresco!

7. Do housework eg: hoovering. Hoovering is a great way to increase steps especially if you’ve your favourite song on which 99% of the time breaks in a classy quickstep.

8. If you drive to work, park at the furthest point away - especially on them sweet sunny days it’s nice to get some Vit D before your work day starts.

9. If you get the bus, get off a stop earlier - I’m sure you’d pass your favourite cafe so why not stop to get an Americano.

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