• Amy McGuire

Tips to Help You Stay on Track Post Paddy's Day

1. Plan your outfits: The less energy you have to spend thinking about what you're going to wear the more likely you are to talk yourself out of exercising!

2. Plan your meals: You're probably bored to tears of people praising themselves on their food prep of 21 snacks and 21 meals whilst you can barely boil an egg. But it doesn't have to be as elaborate as that, even just writing down what you will eat the night before will help you make better decisions and stick to your healthier ways.

3. Treat yoself: Like the rewards system myself and Declan have set up where we put €2 in a jar for every time we work out until we reach 100 workouts we are going to treat ourselves! Or if a take away, cinema date, manicure or massage is your favourite thing to do why not reward yourself with that after 10 workouts?

4. Grab a buddy: Starting and sticking to an exercise routine is much easier when you have a fellow sufferer!

5. Don't depend too much on said buddy: Have a work out that you do by yourself too so that if your workout pal can't make it it doesn't mean you can't either.

6. Always have a default workout: For the days that you can't make a class, it's to icy to run or payday is further than you thought, always have a simple and efficient home workout that you can do that works up a sweat but doesn't take too long. I often pop up 7 minute workouts on my story or @fitnessblender is also brilliant.

7. Eat the good sh*t before the bad sh*t: When it comes to snacks prep healthy snacks and have them there for when you're peckish/bored and then if you're still hungry opt for the naughtier ones!

8. Periodise your workouts: Don't go full blast into 7 full body high intensity workouts every week. Alternate lower intensity workouts, like yoga or walking, with higher intensity exercise to keep your body in tip top shape and your exercise varied.

9. Checklist: Women in particular love checklists! There's something so satisfying about drawing a line through an achievement. Write down your foods, snacks and workouts and tick them off as you go! 10. Exercise your mind: Don't neglect the powerhouse that is your brain. Incorporate 'me' time into every day if possible. #headspace

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